Welcome to Spreadless.be. A recently incorporated part of M.L.S. nv. During this Corona crisis we’ve wanted to help small businesses as well as individuals by offering corona prevention material at competitive prices. You can expect a good and fast service. With us the customer is king.

Who is M.L.S. ?

M.L.S. nv was founded in 1986 and has been in existence for more than 30 years! It gives us great satisfaction that even customers from the very beginning are still ordering from us. Year after year we expand our range of products and our customer base.

By this way, M.L.S. was able to grow into a strong SME with, in the meantime, some 60 employees and more than 14,000 articles on sale. Our strengths are mainly our will to do things right and our people who, day after day, demonstrate a good team spirit and customer-friendliness. That touch of humanity is more important than ever in this world that has become rational.

Contact us

MLS nv

Industriezone Grensland E2

Ringlaan 7

B-8930 Menen

Tel: 00 32 (0)56 53 11 33

E-mail: info@spreadless.be